Navajo          Welcome to the Chisholm Wolf Foundation web site.

Chisholm Wolf Foundation, Inc. (CWFI) is a 501-(c)3 non-profit Corporation with Federal and State Permits dedicated to saving wolves in their natural habitat to help balance out our eco-system through education, preservation, and observational research. It is incredible to think that we may lose forever these magnificent creatures that have roamed this land since the early 1800's. Our purpose is to rescue wolves due to forest fires, being shot, trapped, or snared.

At CWFI we had the oldest live wolf known to reach the age of 27-years old under our care, our youngest wolf lived to be 17 years old. Wolves and humans can and should share this earth with peace, harmony, and understanding. The wolves across the United States needs your help to save them. Extinction is forever, help prevent wolves from being a picture and a paragraph in our history books. 

Since 1997 CWFI has provided accurate wolf educational programs and material  to schools (Pre-School through 12th grade), universities, colleges, Boys and Girl Scouts, 4-H Groups, Day Care Centers, and to the public throughout the United  States and from across the world. Teaching the truth about wolves. Wolves are nature's epitome of family values.

We invite you to use our web site regularly and benefit from the knowledge you will find in this website. Please become a member and join our cause and don't forget to donate. Every tax deductible donation allows us to continue our work. 

Chisholm Wolf Foundation, Inc. is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit organization.