Name: Mytiea

Date of Birth: 2/21/89


Mytiea is a large boned gray female with gold eyes. Mytiea weighs 200 pounds.

Myteia was rescued 2-23-1989. She was two days old when Vivian started bottle-feeding her. She is very gentle to people and will greet you at the gate. She is the Alpha female in her den. She enjoys her daily walks. She will sometimes howl when you approach her den. Mytiea has assisted Vivian in educational seminars at St. Edwards University and at the 3rd annual ScoutArama. Everyone that saw her said she was a beautiful little Wolf. When very young Mytiea was placed beside Vivian’s bed, she would raise her head and howl for her bottle. As she out grew her box, she would lie on Vivian’s bed and would want to play at night when Vivian could not play with her. Mytiea would find Bridgett, her sister, and the playtime was on. They would run and chase each other in the house, jumping over the couch and jumping up on top of the kitchen cabinets. This was a sight for anyone to see at any hour of the night. During the day they sleep and save up their energy. When Cody, my grandson, was only 2 months, we placed him in his crib for a nap. Shortly after, I missed Mytiea so I went into Cody’s room. There was Mytiea lying beside Cody licking the back of his head. If Cody was playing in his playpen Mytiea was either in the playpen with Cody or lying beside the playpen. When Cody was learning how to walk Mytiea would walk beside him and allow Cody to hold on to her. Sometimes Mytiea would carry Cody on her back. Mytiea is the maternal type. Mytiea is native American for Pass with Peace.