Name: Shunsheirray

Date of Birth: 3/6/97


She is a small boned copper female wolf.

Shunsheirray was rescued from a zoo in South Dakota on 7- 13-1997. She was 3 months old. Her parents remain at the zoo. She was very scared and displayed no trust towards humans. Shunshierray was placed in the den of Chiwauka and as both of them where young they became friends at once. Shunsheirray displayed no interest in leadership and Chiwauka assumed the alpha female role. In the beginning Shunsheirray would stand back even when Chiwauka came for attention from Vivian. On the 7/24/97 Shunsheirray came to Vivian for the first time. As time passed Shunsheirray allowed Vivian to pet, brush, bath and administer her monthly medicines. Chiwauka did not like Vivian paying a lot of attention to Shunsheirray. Chiwauka would place herself between Vivian and Shunsheirray and push Shunsheirray away. Vivian decided to move Shunsheirray in with Taushawakan. They are good friends and play hard together.Today Shunsheirray is still very shy of strangers. She will come to the fence to meet you but if anyone new goes into her den she will stand behind or beside Vivian in a display of fear. Shunsheirray loves to swim and play in her water bucket. She will jump in her bucket and with her front paws splash water onto her belly as if digging. The fun continues as she jumps out of the water after laying for a few minutes to shake herself dry. She is fun to watch.Shunsheirray is an Indian word for "Ray Of Sun"